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Facepainting is recommended for over 3's only.At our discretion we may paint a small arm/cheek design on a 2-3 year old with parental consent-(and if the child is happy to be painted).NO under 2's painted at all.

                                  PRIVATE PARTIES

We are not to be left in sole charge of the children at any time-there must always be a responsible adult present to supervise.It is up to the party booker to ensure that all parents/carers of children attending are aware that face painting-glitter tattoos etc is taking place and have consented to their childs participation.The face painter is to be informed of any child with sensitive skin/allergies or any child who can't be painted BEFORE the party starts.


                                Product Information

We use professional quality,water based,non-toxic paints which are EU/FDA approved.Some of the brands we use are Snazaroo-Paradise-Kryolan-Wolfe-Fantasy-Grimas-DFX-Funky Foxes and Mehron.Our glitter is cosmetic grade and designed for use on the face and body.Some paints/colours may cause slight staining but this will go in a day or two.We advise warm water,gentle childrens facial wash and a flannel for removal of paints(which should not be left on overnight).We don't advise baby/wet wipes as they generally aren't designed for use on the face and could cause irritation.


                      Hygiene,Health & Safety

For hygiene reasons we use a clean sponge for each face and change our water regularly.Sponges,brushes and equipment are thoroughly washed after each booking.This is good, commonsense, facepainting practise-all reputable facepainters WILL be following these practises.Please be aware of facepainters who have excessively dirty equipment and who are not following basic hygiene rules.

Skin tests are available on request(at least 1/2 an hour prior to being painted).We won't paint onto open wounds,eczema,cold sores,chicken pox,impetigo,heavy colds,children with temperatures or who are obviously unwell,children who are asleep,anyone against their wishes or who does not understand what we are doing.This list is not exhaustive but a general guideline.We will not paint anyone if we consider it not safe to do so.

                          General Information

Under 12's need parent/carers consent to be painted.

We are not to be left in sole charge of the children at any time.Children are to be supervised near our work area and not left unattended.

All the facepainters we use have public liability insurance,and all are police checked.

The above information is displayed at each booking we do and is in place for the health and safety of your children.