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Please enquire for prices-we tailor each booking to your requirements,so prices will vary.

Face painting is a very popular form of entertainment-from one face painter for your childs birthday to a team of painters for your large event,we can help!Recommended for over 3's,but we're happy to do a small design on 2-3 year olds.

From bold superheros,monsters and animals to butterflies & princesses -we have many designs and colours to suit everyone!Older children may like a more grown-up design on their arm or cheek-we have also painted many adults!

                    BIRTHDAY PARTIES

1 HOUR PARTY- up to 10 children (full faces) or aprox 15 if small designs only.Newton Abbot & local area only.

2 HOUR PARTY - up to 20 children (full faces) or 25+ small designs.

As a guideline,one facepainter can produce about 10 quality full face designs per hour-so for a two hour party could manage 15- 20 children,allowing a short break for food. If you would like all children to have full face designs we strongly recommendan extra painter for parties with 25-30+ guests, to ensure all children get a chance to be painted.If you book our balloon modeller along with a facepainter for large parties she is able to assist with the facepainting after the ballooning.All birthday children receive a gift from us too.We also advise that parents of children attending the party are aware of and have consented to their child being painted.Take a look at our INFORMATION page for more information.Please also be aware that some bouncy castle providers,soft play centres may not allow painted children to use their equipment-please check with them before booking.Finally-PLEASE be as accurate as possible when giving us your maximum party numbers,we know not all children may attend the party,but we would be prepared to paint the max amount we've been given.This helps us to advise you of the best party option to suit you and your guests.